where is CD-8 in tucson?

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Answered: What's your opinion about President Obama's Tucson speech?

Beginning to wounder if he and Jerome are related..heard him today, he talked, nothing came out of his mouth that made any sense.. Sweet G

Answered: Can sports help after the Tucson shootings?

The sports I did learn there were, things geared toward keeping Military Brats happy, Climbing Ropes, Maneuvers, all that good stuff a young lady should know.. Sweet G
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Does anyone know where is can find the cd of elvis concert stormin

Here are 2 websites where you can buy Stormin Syracuse. You can also check on eBay. http://www.elvisconcerts.com/cds/stormsyr.htm http://www.discografie.org/albums/eng/7749/stormin-syracuse

Where can i find a good deal on windshield repairs in tucson?

Just try doing a search on Tucson Auto Glass . You'll find several Tucson windshield repair and replacement services in town. I'm not sure how quick you need one but I found a site listed under auto glass replacement tucson the other day that will hopefully be posting some printable coupons for ...

Does Rock in roll fans love to Hitsville USA?

Some do, some don't. I do, but not everyone loved Motown. Just like anything else, it's a matter of taste. But it's a good DVD set. If you like those, you should also see if you can find any of the STAX material. I would suggest Wattstax 30th Anniversary edition, Respect yourself: the Stax Records ...

How can i refurbish a DVD or CD with scratches on ...

Lot's of methods floating around on the net. Try here for a full rundown of how to repair scratched CDs DVD and Game discs.