where is calvary cemetery annette funicello's grave site?

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Answered: Annette funicello is she still alive

Yes, sheis still alive. She had brain surgery not too long ago, to slow the prgressiveness of her MS. I found this out on IMDB. OSSlady2333@aol.com

Answered: American Christian Missionary Alliance Cemetery jerusalem - I would like

It is my understanding that he is buried in the American Protestant Cemetery in the American Colony in Jerusalem.

Answered: Where can I either buy or sell cemetery property online?

If you want to buy cemetery property online? There is one source which is one of the largest cemeteries in the southern hemisphere and there you can buy cemetery property. http://www.rookwoodcemetery.com.au/

Answered: Where is annette funicello's buried

My guess, somewhere on she and her husband's ranch in Bakersfield. If not there, then I'd guess somewhere in Bakersfield. Why anyone would want to live in Bakersfield I don't know, but she and her husband loved their ranch and their horses.

Answered: Edgewood Cemetery Pottstown, PA

Oh hi, I googled it and maybe this is it? Edgewood Cemetery (610) 326-2900 E High St & N Keim St Pottstown, PA 19464

Answered: Who is buried In Letts Cemetery, Heizer Creek, W.Va. Is there a list of

The caretaker or cemetery association responsible for the care and upkeep of the cemetery should have a list of names associated with plot numbers for the cemetery.
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The number for Mount Auburn in Cambridge, MA (617) 547-7105.