where is bess meyerson now?

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Answered: Where can I find bess aldrich's short story, the shining stars go by

If you mean "The Silent Stars Go By", you can get it at Amazon, or several other on-line booksellers. It has to be in one of the collections of short stories (about 160) she wrote, because it was made into a TV only movie, "The Gift of Love". You would need to find out which one(s) has that story ...

Answered: Collagen

I am pretty sure it needs to be injected to be affective.

Answered: How to clean a Brown Bess rifle?

My book of antique firearms tells me the Brown Bess was a musket, and had no rifling. If someone just wants to dust one off, a shot of compressed air is hard to beat.

Answered: Rosemary Bess

The Judge Says: What is the Question please
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