where is alisan camarado from foxnews?

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Answered: What has become of Alisan Porter?

She still sings. She's got a band, the Alisan Porter Project, and also does some acting and dancing/choreography. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alisan_Porter http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0692018/

Answered: Www.foxnews.com Why normal people that have ...

Leftists indeed have clear good cause to fear Fox, as Fox will not parrot the bitterness, defeatism, and negativity that we see on other, less professionally gathered news media. Fox is therefore news, while that other glop is useless and incoherent leftist propaganda, therefore, too unintelligent ...

Answered: What Do You Think of Glenn Beck

I think Mr Beck is the best thing that happend to News Jean H

Answered: Where to write to NBC, CBS, ABC,Foxnews

If you're looking to write to some really decent news stations with questions on any current or past events, anything that interests you at all, I'm sure stations like Democracy Now, Al Jazeera, and GritTV would be happy to read your comments. Don't solely depend on big corporation owned news ...

Answered: Is Foxnews to blame for most of the vitriolic attacks on politicians?

fox news is the least of the medias problems, it is probably the left wing mainstream media, because they all outnumber fox, by 100 to 1. they all carry the the water bucket for the democrats, and create a double sstandard, so fox is aways defending themselves. i stopped watching the mainstream ...

Answered: Foxnews.com doyou know how many religions there ...

If you read my comment do you agree??
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Where's the Separation of Church and State?http://radio.foxnews.com

As the Offspring say, "you gotta keem 'em separated".

FOXNEWS.COM/HannitySean, i have been keeping up ...

The Judge Says: Harry Reid said: yesterday on Greta "All of the USA has the corn husker bribe now.Does this mean that all states that have medicade get it for life fo free???????????BULL SHIT

Why does FoxNews Suck so bad?

Oh my Lord, is this the person that said they were so much of a Christian posting these kind of comments. Who's the hippocrate me or you? i wouldn't be caught dead with this kind of garbage coming out of my mouth and professing Jesus Christ. THIS IS VERY BAD ADVERTISEMENT. I APOLOGIZE TO THE FOLKS ...