where is actress and comedian martha rae buried?

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Answered: Is Martha Stewart an Artist?

You could say so, but maybe she could lower prices on the stuff she puts out...Did you hear lately she is coming with her named brand of sex toys in the time for the holiday season? Yea, she is thinking GREEN, states they will be solar powered, holy moly there will be a lot of ladies on the roof of ...

Answered: Who is a better actress, Demi Lovato or Ashley Tisdale?

I think Ashley Tisdale has really made a name for herself. She is extremely talented and has the staying power to really go far in the business. Unfortunately, Demi Lovato has had some rough patches in the past few months. If she doesn't get her act together soon, she may lose whatever hold she ...

Answered: How to be a comedian ?

Here's a good article explaining how to be a comedian -http://www.slideshare.net/clikclick/how-to-be-a-comedian

Answered: Subway comercial actress

Sorry, I have no idea.
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