where is A Beginners guide to Transfiguration located on pottermore?

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Answered: Need Cordinate location

38.0739N, 109.56301W is near Canyonlands National Park in south-east Utah.

Answered: Pottermore = More Harry Potter?

Many young ones grew up on "Harry Potter", they learned to read, to concentrate, to enjoy, this is their "Rocky Horror Show/ Star Wars" Cult..20 years from now they will look back and laugh.. Sweet G 6/27

Answered: What is the best beginner sewing machine?

6 best sewing machines for beginners. 1. John Lewis JL110, Teal 2. Brother LX25, 3. Husqvarna Viking E20, 4. Janome 525s, 5. Pfaff Passport 2.0, 6. Bernina B330, For more Details Refer:http://www.wayoutwestinc.com/

Answered: A Face That Transfigures

On any given day you can see the face of yadja "transfigure" into one of her AKA's. AKA-gypsey, AKA,-Lady Darko E, AKA- Lady E, with an expresson of intense hatred.

Answered: I really want to get into digital photography but im not sure where to

Find a decent camera, but don't go overboard. Before long you'll be eager for some new lenses to take different kinds of pictures with - that's really where the money gets spent! Master the basics: aperture, shutter speed, white balance etc. Look to get full manual control of your camera so all ...
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