where is A Beginners guide to Transfiguration located on pottermore?

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Answered: Need Cordinate location

38.0739N, 109.56301W is near Canyonlands National Park in south-east Utah.

Answered: What is the best beginner sewing machine?

Try Singer's Simple Sewing Machine the feature of this sewing machine includes *A bobbin winder to stop the bobbin winding once it's full. *A horizontal spool pin that feeds the thread horizontally. *An automatic reverse lever, which allows you to sew in reverse and reinforce stitches. *An automatic ...

Answered: Pottermore = More Harry Potter?

Many young ones grew up on "Harry Potter", they learned to read, to concentrate, to enjoy, this is their "Rocky Horror Show/ Star Wars" Cult..20 years from now they will look back and laugh.. Sweet G 6/27

Answered: I really want to get into digital photography but im not sure where to

Find a decent camera, but don't go overboard. Before long you'll be eager for some new lenses to take different kinds of pictures with - that's really where the money gets spent! Master the basics: aperture, shutter speed, white balance etc. Look to get full manual control of your camera so all ...
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What is area code 2 135 610 6987

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