where in the Constitution does it justify roe v wade?

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Answered: Pls iwhat are d achievements of macpherson constitution of1951 of

THE NEW CONSTITUTIONS 1950-1960 The next phase in constitution making in Nigeria was characterized by the direct involvement of the people from the grassroots level. The accusation levied against Britain for imposing the previous constitutions cannot hold for this period. Yet the guiding hands of ...

Answered: What is R>O>E>

Rules Of Engagement

Answered: Interstate Commerce Clause versus Roe v Wade

wow, i think you may be on to something.. something really big and important and , oh my god, you are BRILLIANT!!! you found the magic loophole we've all been looking for .... thank you, thank you so much... brilliant , just absolutely brilliant , like a shiny diamond, like a twinkling star

Answered: The federalist question continues.

Once again we see our token leftist sniveling for sympathy, hoping for easy money by begging in the names of Hitler and Stalin. Utterly folly. But: Leftists find that their games never work. Therefore: Leftists are most foolish to persist with their games when they have never worked yet.

Answered: Roe V Wade

It means the Supreme Court didn't care at the time that the Constitution says "We have the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those judges may say it is now ok, however, wait till the final judgment day, and see if God says murder is ok. I do believe God has said already "Thou ...
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please send the answer you find to me Majid

Did you Consevatives know that Roe v Wade was passed during a Republican

Yea. And it was a Bush appointed Judge that said discussions of Intelligent Design by public school educators was unconstitutional too, even though no such words exist in our Constitution. And how about that dope Souter, another Bush appointee, who thought it was fine for the government to take your ...

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There is no coup. Our Constitution hasn't gone anywhere. You listen to too many right wing radio shows. Remember, unless done illegally(like Bush and the wire taps), the President cannot change anything without Congressional approval.