where dream and reality meet?

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Answered: Why do I have this dream every night and what does it mean?

When you dream about a school you're learning about new things. When you dream about hallways and doors you're looking at options. When you have people chasing you, you're facing obstacles. When you're inside of a building being chased, determines if you are going to face those obstacles. Your ...

Answered: I had a dream of a beautiful yellowish butterfly that gave me a calm

She should send her Dad a tordigram. I'm sure that's what the dream means.

Answered: I Dream about my friends treat me so nice ...

All dream interpretations required a detailed list of all everything eaten and drunk before bed. Dietary intake has a profound affect on the neural activity during sleep. To not know this could lead one to making a serious interpretive error.

Answered: What does it mean when you dream that you had sex with your niece?

I don't think you should make too much of it Vince, however, I can understand that you would question the reasoning behind such a dream. Our subconscious minds absorb things that we would not allow to enter our conscious mind. This may have been a thought that somehow decided to stay in your ...

Answered: Grandfather's Death Dream

The only real meaning is that you love him and care for him !.

Answered: If you had a magic lamp, what would you wish for?

I would make no wishes at all, as that is the quick and easy way to ill-gotten gain. Presuming that you describe an Arabic Djinn, whose sheer malice knows no bounds, then whatever it delivered would be the worst sort of bad bargain. It is always wisest to avoid any such thing, as the price is far ...
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Dreaming about inapproiate things

Prophetic dreams are invariably warnings of a very dire event. Persons with unseemly motives will always try to keep you from warning others as they have huge sums of illegally gained money riding on the man-made disaster that your dreams foretell. Many gifted psychics had prophetic dreams about ...

I keep dreaming off my ex that we are living togearther what does it

That you're still working the issue out in your subconscious mind. Some things take time to resolve.

I need to know what dreams mean does anyone know whta they mean

Most of the time, dreams are about what you did during the day. Sometimes, dreams contain warnings. It usually isn't difficult to interpret them.

I dream that im running and then my heart beating ...

it is defiantly not normal,you could have the same disorder as me dad had who died,he had blood poisoning and he dreamt of terrifying horrors that haunted him through the night,he kept waking up with fast heart beats and cause he left it that late died in hospital.