where does tom oar sell his items?

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Answered: I'm selling an item for $200.00 what would be the bidding price to start

What is the item, what is the age, and what is the condition?

Answered: What is the quickest way to sell old furniture and other items in Jackson

Donate it to charity and take the depreciated value as a tax deduction. I suggest Salvation Army.

Answered: I want to sell: Hand carved outside stander ...

I wish I could buy them from you! I would recommend you check eBay to see what these items SOLD for; not what they are listing for. (Go to Advance Search and click on the box that says "Completed Auctions." ) If there are antique centers near you, check them out for what those things are selling for ...

Answered: Craig's listLakewood colorado.com What do I have to do to sell something

You log on to craigslist.org. select you local area, select my account, register. you will be registered. Sign on again, select my account, select the area in which you wish to post an ad, create the add, include a picture of the object if you have one, add the price you are asking and some ...

Answered: Sell religious items

how to sell things on ebay

Answered: Danvers mass Store name that sells electrical ... such as lamps

Lamps are sold in just about every store you can think of. Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes. Are you always this clueless?
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