where does Mike Huckabee live in Florida?

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Answered: Why did Mike Huckabee pull out of the race?

I am happy as a lark about it. Just another fuddy duddy. He said many weeks ago his career in TV set the stage for him to speak his mind politically more than he would have in debates for prez. He also considered he picks his guests and he makes a good salery. Enjoying having it his way and ...

Answered: Will Mike Huckabee lead the Republicans in 2012?

Romney plastered Obama in debate as Ryan did Biden. Their track record of failure on failure guarantees Republicans will win. The trick will be uniting the parties. Romney has the way 2 do it.

Answered: How old is mike huckabee and joe biden?

Mike Huckabee, born August 24, 1955 (age 59). Joe Biden, born November 20, 1942 (age 72).

Answered: McCain-Huckabee

romney participated in something called an anti-civil rights parade. I think mccain is too liberal to choose him.

Answered: Which presidential candidate do you support?

Give me any one But Obama.. Sweet G 6/7

Answered: What kind of nut is Mike Huckabee? The biggest ...

Mike Huckabee makes far more sense than Huffington ever could.
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Why did Huckabee drop the race?

Personal Reasons ............................. Major announcements by Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich regarding their plans for 2012 have shifted the tectonic plates of GOP politics, even as a resurgent President Barack Obama tirelessly raises campaign cash while rousing the Democratic ...

Does Mike Huckabee have an e-mail address that I can send him a question

You can contact the Esteemed Pastor Huckabee through his web site.

How to change your last name in Florida

Exactly the same way it's done in every other state. You petition the court for a name change.