where does haile gebreselassie come from?

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Answered: How to say the hail mary in latin?


Answered: Where the HADES are they?

This is the only question that I found in your lengthy post- How deep is the world into following after sorcery and witchcraft? This question can only be truly answered by asking each individual this question and then taking a weighted average. Good luck in your quest. Jay & Friends

Answered: What is causing all the hail storms?

Thunderstorms cause hail and tornadoes. Thunderstorms result from warm moist air and cold air coming together. So when the jet stream brings cold air south to meet warm air from the Gulf of Mexico, you can get hail.

Answered: What is that which walks behind the rows from children of the corn? ALL

I can understand where your coming from but getting lost just means an adventure and because you think they are creepy and are a horror writer then all of those elements fit together for a perfect book
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Can you get hail in the summer?

Usually right before the tornado hits in the south.

What does the hail mary word mean of thou womb jeaus?

Perhaps you meant " Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, (he who is) Jesus".

Hail damage to car/what if it cost more then car to repair

Simple as this, is it worth it to u, if not then drive it as is, look most shop will give u a free quote, go n see.