where does express jet fly?

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Answered: Would you try to fly a jet pack?

Not to long ago somebody in Europe invented on. It will probably end getiing used by the military. I'm more interested in the idea of flying cars

Answered: Commercial jets flying at super sonic speeds

Commercial supersonic aircraft have been proved to be economically unfeasible. They require a larger amount of fuel, special metals, expensive engineering design among others. The Concorde could hardly pay for itself which was the reason only a few aircraft were built and then production was forced ...

Answered: The expression

I think it means not to take your life so seriously and to live it to the hilt as freely as possible.

Answered: Who carries Casual Express clothing

Yes Henry is right... Excel clothing online store has a good quality casual clothes.

Answered: Wwiii?

Another long day and night of this poster posting his leftist, Muslim, Atheist crap. What a life this person has.

Answered: Why do the Blue Angels not fly at EAA anymore?

I found this on the web site of the Blue Angeles: http://www.blueangels.navy.mil/index.htm How do you determine where to hold an air show? Each September the Department of Defense receives hundreds of requests to hold air shows featuring the Navy Blue Angels. After the Department of Defense ...
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