Where does debra winger live?

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Answered:  What's the name of the new tv series Debra Messing stars in?

Are you thinking of "The Starter Wife" (which premiered in May 2007 on the USA Network)? In this mini-series, Debra Messing's co-stars include Joe Mantegna, Judy Davis, and Anika Noni Rose. ( IMDb )

Answered: Why was my wife arrested

the police dept will give you a copy of the police report for about one dollar per sheet. you are intitled under the open records act.but the police dept will gladly tell anyone who asks. they love to tell people bad news. even if it is a pack of lies.

Answered: What makes you a right winger or a left winger ...

When you ask the right questions, think them through, and get answers that work, and then put them to work so they get good things done for the community, that makes you a right winger. Leftists just run open minded people into Gulags, hold surly vandalism raids and call them selves "Occupiers ...

Answered: Debra Lafave violated probation

I think in part it is because of her looks and because she is a woman, if this were a man he would have been in jail three times over by now. What she did was shameful and damaging, she should be held accountable for her actions and should have the full extent of the law exercised upon her.

Answered: Cleaning service

Yes, cleaning services are not just limited to houses. They also clean for offices and other business established. Learn it here http://costulessconcreting.com.au/!

Answered: Why do the right-wingers fear the TADPOLE?

Rocmike must believe Tadpole is very intelligent. The posters he accuses him of being post nothing alike and have different views. Rocmike's aliases all post the same, use the same words and have the same views. They all go to old questions and answers. When one aliases comes on it posts for hours ...
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Teenage right wingers turn into old racist right wing hate mongers.

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Yeah right, dork, like you're not the one that had that put your ass down comments removed.

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Israel is NOT the 51st State. I object to any of my tax money going there for any reason.