where does a computer store its basic hardware settings?

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Answered: How do I set up my font and color for my aol?

For outgoing email - Open AOL - at the top before you sign on - Settings - Fonts and Text - make your changes and CLICK SAVE ----------------- Sign on to AOL - at the top - Settings - Customize AOL - Text and Fonts - make changes and SAVE. ------------- For signature open write mail -- at the right ...

Answered: How do I reboot my desktop computer..model number C8644-90200 Serial

Reboot is the same as Restart. If your having a problem you should explain. Someone may help.

Answered: I need help getting my printer to connect to the computer it shows in

You didn't give the name of your printer or your computer operating system. Something that sometimes works for you to try. ----- Turn your printer off ---- Get on the Internet and turn your printer on and wait. ------- It will search for the right drivers.

Answered: Memory stick can not be accessed by my computer, reporting error "....is

I have the Topaz 20 Husqvarnaviking. I have never updated before. All my software is updated. Yesterday I decided to update my embroidery machine so I could use 2 of the new hoops. I downloaded it yesterday, when I tried to download it onto my machine it would not download the Topaz 20 machine ...

Answered: AOL Settings to read E-mail

Windows operating systems have a magnifier, different settings, learn to use it.
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Can't access Account Settings

If you are running AOL Desktop, Settings is an icon at the top, for me it is the 6th from the left. If you are looking at aol.com, you can get to Settings at Help (way down at the bottom), or go directly to http://help.aol.com/help/settings/

when a decktop computer say dvd drive not hooked up, but one is hooked up

This issue generally happens when your computer is not having DVD related drives or DLL files. Check and update your system’s driver as well as DLL software. Now look whether DVD is detected or not. If not then it might be due to some kind of virus infection. You need to check for any kind of ...

HP Printer not connecting to my laptop.

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