where do you get a snorlax in pokemon pearl?

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Answered: Where do i see a wormadam in pearl

The lady in white has the 3 forms of wormadam and she's on route 214. Hope I helped!! :D

Answered: Pokemon pearl ds game

what pokemon do u have and its kinda easy when u know what u are dealing with

Answered: Pokemon ,moves, preferrations!

i like dark, steel, fire, dragon, fighting, and electric my team is houndoom, blaziken, lucario, raichu, rayquaza and arcues(dread plate) what is your team?

Answered: What is the definition of pokemon

It is Japanese for "Pocket Monster".

Answered: Colored Pearls

there are many good sites from where you can buy colored pearls
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u can go to the event to get the flute or just use a cheat and u play it where u caught palka or daiga

Getting ho-oh from pokemon gold to pokemon emerald

ok kid. ho- oh sorry if i spell wrong will always be there. it doesnt matter if it's gold or emerald. if u already have the card it will be rarer cuz u got the original. i used to have em. gold and emerald means nothin though

How can you tell real pearls from fake pearls?

Real pearls shines a wide brightly whereas fake pearls don't.