where do they go when jumping in the hole on total blackout?

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Answered: The Blackouts

I'm just 53 years old, so I don't know about the 'black out' part of your question. But I do remember having drills where we were supposed to get under our desks. I have absolutely no idea just what we were supposed to be sheltering from, but at least you weren't imagining that part of it!

Answered: Flex holes fix

flex holes give you choices about where to put it

Answered: Build swimming hole in a river or stream.

This is quite creativity. It will be very comfortable if you can build one. The buidling materials need good quality if you need them. Go to OKORDER to select them when you need them.

Answered: Where can i get ink pads for my blackout

It is easy to find it online but you didn't get the best that you want... so, i suggest you to visit the needham-ink for ink pads... i think your problem will solve over there....

Answered: Bungee jumping

Always wanted to,.. the kids go all the time, they go Rock Climbing too, the did tell me that they would take me, do hold me breath.. Yes the gear is put on there, almost as if you are a jumper, strapped in.. Safe.. S G
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