where do they film FX's Justified?

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Answered: Does anyone recommend me purchase BOPP film products?

You can buy quality stretch film at http://www.suogle.com/stretch-film.html purchase cheapest and quality stretch film, hand stretch film, bundling stretch film, deliver from America directly within 24hours at globle online store-suogle.com

Answered: Film packaging innovative

You can buy high quality wholesale packaging film at http://www.suogle.com/stretch-film.html

Answered: Who is filming at Popeyes in Corpus Christi, Tx corner of weber

I'm sorry texasoup, I don't know. But I really wish I did and was there, because this is one of my many favorite tv star beauties who grew up in Corpus Christi Texas, Heather Lockler : -)

Answered: Print on BOPP film label material?

I would varnish for the following reasons: 1/ BOPP tends to require an anti-static varnish to prevent curl on applicators 2/ Varnish helps against scuff and scratch 3/ BOPP contains anti-stat itself. This tends to draw moisture which can lead to the ink scratching of in a fridge. It may be fine at ...

Answered: Oil Control film literally is a miracle for me

When I think of "oil control films" I consider glycerol isocyanate. It is the film BP used to contain much of their oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which made cleanup much easier. There was a hurricane that emulsified much of that spill, rendering it relatively harmless, but what washed up on ...
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Where do I send 200 asa dx film for developing?

CVS and Walgreen Drug Store for film Dev

Name that film

Hi amy, As far as I can tell, the quote came from a film made by Mature Showtime. Other than that, I can't find more information for you unfortunately.

Difference between film plot and film story

A plot is the actual sequence of events which takes place within a story. A story can be told with only visuals, music, dialogue, etc, to create a certain effect on the viewer. An example would be; Plot: Girl walks into cemetery, sits by gravestone, cries. Story: A girl is mourning over her best ...

What is your favourite Bond film?

Hi Jim, ------- Nothing can be compared to the first one (not to mention the impact it did). All the rest are only imitations. Nothing is like the first love. -------- Best regards,