where do the hippies live in st augustine fl?

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Answered: Stuck in the sixties?

Will mike dykes aka rocmike ever grow up and find a life? We understand that he's a mental patient but there are other thing he could do besides sitting at a computer 24/7 spreading his porn, lies and racist hate. Watch tv, take a walk in the courtyard. Do something ...

Answered: Camachee Island/Cove

Don't know the meaning, but my mother and father-in-law ran a rum running operation there in the 30's. They lived in the original home on the island which was accessible by a causeweay.
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Rainbow Hippies

The Rainbow group still travels around having events in different places. I hear about them from word of mouth, and it's been two years I think since anyone told me their future whereabouts. Keep asking around and you will find them.

People who just will not learn.........

Rebellious leftist, full of cliche' and bitterness, when will you develop a mind? So far you want us to hate Black people, Americans, Christians, Jews, educated persons, and all who do not share your specific and irrational dementia. We have recently been graced by a Nobel Laureate, and Tadpole is ...

Hippie Guilt Syndrome.

It's hard to tell when the leftist muslim atheist poster day begins or ends because all the lonely loser does is post all day and night. He has been posting for the last 5 straight hours under his alias the fake marine and is still posting under that alias. ------ He has at least 12 straight hours ...

What cable tv station is espn on in st augustine, fl

Comcast. http://comcast.usdirect.com/comcast-digital-tv-.html