where do the hippies live in st augustine fl?

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Answered: Camachee Island/Cove

Don't know the meaning, but my mother and father-in-law ran a rum running operation there in the 30's. They lived in the original home on the island which was accessible by a causeweay.

Answered: What do you think about communists-uh i mean hippies?

Revealed: Friendly Neighborhood Communists Also Have Game Night We’ve already brought you glimpses of your friendly neighborhood communists (watch them introduce themselves here ). In sum, they want you know they’re just like you and I (minus the slaughter of millions, of course). Now, the ...

Answered: Stuck in the sixties?

Arrested development and leftist spew. Could anything show a lower IQ? Too bad that's the absolute best you can do. And the leftist fool must repeat her lies. Phew!
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Rainbow Hippies

The Rainbow group still travels around having events in different places. I hear about them from word of mouth, and it's been two years I think since anyone told me their future whereabouts. Keep asking around and you will find them.

What cable tv station is espn on in st augustine, fl

Comcast. http://comcast.usdirect.com/comcast-digital-tv-.html

Single activities for hippies from the 1960's

Okay, I'm a hippie, but your question is unclear to me. Is it a single dating site for old hippies? A convention? What?

Hippies and the Generation Gap.

Hippies all gathered around what they falsely called "The Peace Sign." Obviously it was derived from the Klan emblem and perverted beyond that with the Nazi swastika. Its history antedates that by many centuries, but its only function has always been to incite hatred, cultist violence, and sheer ...