where do tagoo lizard come from?

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Answered: Can Lizards Prove Evolution?

Why lizards, specifically?

Answered: What happens once a lizard dies-will it tail remain?

yes, thats like saying if a human dies, will it's arms remain, so yes.

Answered: I found a small lizard about 2 inches long in a ...

Thanks Molly. I called the zoo and they put me in touch with a wildlife/fishery expert who specializes in lizards as a hobby. He has taken the little fellow and will raise him until he is old enough and it is warm enough so he can be released. In the meantime, he will be used in educational ...

Answered: Lost lizard

I'd look for that sunny window and keep a food supply there for her. She's likely to show up happily sunning and munching lettuce or other such goodies.

Answered: I have a tree lizard or a fence lizard that layed ...

take the eggs out, put them in an incubator at about 80-90 degrees for 12-14 hours a day for 20-35 days.

Answered: Lizard man

Yes, I have heard of him, quite crazy, isn't him? I think he was also listed in the top ten most tattooed people in the world. But if I recall well, he was not at the first place. Oh yes, now I have found the link. This currently is the most tattooed man in the world http://www.guinnessworldrecords ...
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I have a blue tailed lizard in my yard, can you tell me what kind it

it isnt a lizard, it's a skink. A Blue Tailed Skink is the breed name.

What do enoli lizards eat? And do they lay eggs just anywhere?

Just so u know, it's spelled Anole, and they will eat crickets, and waxworms, and will lay eggs if there is a female and male together.

What do mill worms turn into

I had an anole lizard that lived for 10 years. We sometimes fed him mealworms. They were a bit large, though. We also put tiny bits of raw lean ground beef on a broom straw, and he would gobble them up. Perhaps you could try that. I kept him on top of the refridgerator, as it was nice and warm ...

How to get rid of small lizards naturally?

I am confused. You want to get rid of lizards naturally, but it does not sound as if you want them to experience a natural death. Balrog's answer would support this conclusion. If it is OK for the lizards to experience an unnatural death, then Balrog's suggestion certainly has merit. I would advise ...