where do i recycle aluminum patio doors?

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Answered: We have a really nice table for our patio, but the cats constantly jump

I agree with Larry. I checked out Mighty Covers and they have a great selection of custom patio furniture covers on their site. That is going to be the best, and probably the only, way to keep your table clean when it is not in use.

Answered: Patio doors with built in blind s made buy reliabilt sweating arround

The panes of glass are originally sealed and something has caused the air seal to be broken.

Answered: Need Sliding Patio Doors with Blinds Between the Glass

Personally I would choose JELD-WEN for sliding patio doors . They seem to have a better reputation than Pella.

Answered: Recycled aluminum jewelry

Wow, thats a very creative idea, you will need to melt the cans to a state where it can be reshaped in the desired way. You will require some shaping tools too.

Answered: What is the lowest price patio mate screen room gazebo

There is probably no such thing. IF you want an inexpensive add-on, buy the materials from a box store and do the work yourself. Plans for such additions are available online. You might have to cough up a few bucks to get one.

Answered: Patio Door Replacement

I don't know of any company that does this, but a local handyman should be able to do the job. The panes are designed to be replaced, so it will come out easy enough. Then it's just a matter of making the right-sized panel for the opening and putting two hinges at the top and weather stripping ...
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Patio Depot they have material for patio covers

Another genius who doesn't know how to ask a question.

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