where do i find turquoise in wizard 101?

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Answered: How to secure a turquoise stone in a bracelet

it is standard for jewelers to put sawdust under stones to adjust the level in the bezel. usually the bezel works fine and holds the stone securely. an idea to super secure is once it is tightened in bezel put a drop of super glue along edge.

Answered: Wizard101 dinosaur pet

Dinosaur as a pet? wow. It definitely can not enter at my house' dog doors . Lol

Answered: Wizard of Oz

apples my deary apples

Answered: Where can i find cheech wizard comics online

This is probably the best you will find.

Answered: How do I enable hyperlinks in email using AOL Desktop 10.1?

Hi, there: My best suggestion would be to upgrade to AOL Desktop software 9.7, which is the most up-to-date version of the software. To do so, go to: http://daol.aol.com/software/aoldesktop97/

Answered: What are the multiplayer mounts wizard101?

A multiplayer mount is a ride ( example: broom) that can carry up to more than two people.
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