where do i apply for section 8 dutchess county?

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Answered: Animals in Section 8 homes

yes, i am in illinois and have section 8 here. they do not mind you having an animal in your home.

Answered: Where and how do i apply for section 8 or HUD assistance programs in

where and how do I apply for section 8 or HUD assistance programs in Contra costa county Ca

Answered: When will the list for section 8 be open in any ...

Section 8 shouild not be open to women like you because you don’t deserve it. While pregnant you were arrested two times for shoplifting. You got off easy with probation, community service and a small fine. You are in search of the father of your son, but don’t know where to begin. You have taken ...

Answered: How long are you allowed to live in section 8 ...

I'm not actually sure. I think there is a time limit but I'm not sure what the time frame is. I'd suggest speaking with the housing authority that issues the section 8 as they can likely tell you the correct time frame.

Answered: I am interested in application to have my property listed for rent to

Go to section eight housing and they will post it or go to a news paper and list your house that welcomes section eight but you still have to go to section eight to have them accept it.
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