where did victor d. brenner live in 1909

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Answered: Victor Frankel was an Austrian psychiatrist imprisoned in Auschwitz. Why

I believe Oron is correct, Frankel used the Germanic spelling for his name, Viktor. As an imprisoned psychiatrist, Frankel assumed two roles in Auschwitz: that of prisoner and that of researcher. He found that those who survived were those who has a powerful drive to live and not succumb to the ...

Answered: Victor Creed

I think the answer you are looking for is Sabretooth.

Answered: How are you? Think of you often. Would love to see you. Grandmom

Well i'm going to start thinking of you too grandma

Answered: Sylvester Henry Brenner

Florence, you might try searching for this person on www.zabasearch.com . Good luck!

Answered: What did Victor Hugo mean when he said mankind is not a circle with a

There is your story, my story, and the truth. An individual will interpret events/facts and mold them into something understandable for himself. What is truth?
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Size: 7.29 KB (7,466 bytes) Sorry for lack info...

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Im still looking for Eckleberry family