where did the surname Sena originate?

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Answered: orgin of the surname rial?

There's also a Spanish word which has something to do with the reins or saddle of a horse, but I can't remember exactly. Comes from Argentina and the cowboys there and usually applies to the dress saddle and stuff.

Answered: 'mcgee surname origin ireland'

no i haven't. thank you very much for the suggestions, much appreciated!

Answered: Origin of the Brumsey name

Some interesting info on the last name found here: http://names.mongabay.com/data/br/BRUMSEY.html

Answered: What is the country of origin for the surname Durbin?

SurnameDB says that Durbin has a French orgin.
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What is the origin of the surname PEDROIA?

If you go to the LDS site, www.familysearch.org , you can search the last name Pedroia and find some individuals. You will see that the Pedroias in the U.S. Census results were born in Switzerland.

What is the ethnicity of the surname 'Suppelsa'?

Spanish. The u should be long, as in blue. Accent should be on the "-pel-". Can also be spelled Supelza.

Does anyone know the origin of Rouse ?

It dates back from the Norman culture in Britain. It was given to a red heads which was derived from French- Le rous(red head). Here you can find more info.

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