where did the phrase "better safe than sorry" originate?

where did the phrase "better safe than sorry" originate?

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Answered: Are the free word processing programs safe?

Yes, they are. I suggest open office.

Answered: What is the phrase or motto something like


Answered: Is benicar safe for dogs

Renticar has been declared unsafe. Having gotten that out of my system, I would like to know the reason that your dog is being considered a candidate for an angiotension II receptor blocker. This medication is used in humans, primarily for the treatment of HBP.

Answered: TAMPA SAFE EXCJANGE.COM The number listed is the number listed in

If they are out of business, their number will be disconnected.
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You can apologize immediately and offer to give him time to cool off at the same time. Don't wait to let him know that you are aware that you're in the wrong and that you are sorry and want to repair any damage to the relationship. Best of luck, ~Jada~

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A home for donkeys. You know, an aviary is a home for birds, an apiary is a home for bees, and a secretary is a home for socrates.