where did Sandra Bullock land in Gravity?

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Answered: Sandra Bullock is back

I would love to see her get back to comedy. She has a way of making me laugh until my sides hurt.

Answered: Sandra Bullock, Scarlet Johansen, and the Kiss

It was definitely a phenomenal publicity stunt to get the public off Sandra's back regarding her ex-husband and failed marriage.

Answered: Sandra's winning speech

Why did the liberal phoney academy snub farrah fawcet? Farrah Fawcett Left Off Oscars 'In Memoriam' Tribute Montage Hollywood phoneys
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Forgive or Forget?

I say forgive when the time is right for her, but NEVER forget!


Gravity is the "Pressure of Photonic-Mass" that is right now pushing you down onto the earth. If you did a back handspring without Gravity you would float off into space. Must see www.EinsteinGravity.com

How do you think the suns gravity compares to gravity on earth?

Gravity is "created" by the combustion of the sun and all stars therefore because the sun is expelling photonic-mass, gravity on the sun is probably much different than on earth. Must See www.EinsteinGravity.com Cheers to discovery.