where did gingrich get the name newt?

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Answered: Can Newt Gingrich win the Republican presidential nomination?

Newt is one of the smarest men around,this is why he is disliked my many.Not a chance.Even thought i would love to see a debate between him and obama.

Answered: Is Newt Gingrich’s campaign over?

Yes, gone with the Wind.. Sweet G 6/10

Answered: Why Did Trump Choose Gingrich?

idiots have to stick together ... they got no union for idiots

Answered: Newt Gingrich for president?

Anyone or anything would be better than hussein obama

Answered: Is Newt Gingrich Racist?

QOTD more white people get food stamps that blacks ....Are you a bigot??????

Answered: Has Gingrich Been an Embarassment?

Absolutely! His ego was writing checks even his 'power' couldn't cash. It wasn't because of his fooling around that got him kicked out of Congress and the Speakers position, it was his lack of ethics and hateful attitude to ANYONE that disagreed with him....and that did include other Republicans ...
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Florida Debate Winner: Romney or Gingrich?

Romney, definitely. He sure beat the stuffing out of Obama the last time Obama faced him. Any way you look at it, Obama is running scared, and he should. November is coming and Obama is going.

Will Newt Be Forgiven His Serial Cheating?

He is a fine spokesman for the sanctity of marriage. Yes, he will be forgiven for his adultery, just not his political ideas.

How to contact newt gingrich

Newt Gingrich is an accursed Republican carpet bagger! You must hate Republican carpet baggers and join the Democrats if you wish to be with us in the New Confederacy and own slaves like all good white men.

Has Romney Won the GOP Primaries?

So far, virtually all of America is ready to impeach Obama. Over 300 legal firms have drawn up Articles of Impeachment against Obama and those Articles will stick, rest assured. Most are from Democrats, who are fed up with Obama's abuses of power. So far the nine Independent Senators are so fed ...