where did frank sinatra headline 12/31/1958?

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Answered: Frank sinatra

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Answered: When was Frank Sinatra born?

Francis Albert Sinatra (December 12 , 1915 – May 14 , 1998 ) Location: Hoboken, New Jersey Source: Wikipedia

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Answered: Why is evil in quote marks ( 'evil') ? Does the headline writer believe

As the newspaper is supposed to remain unbiased, they put quotation marks around the word that is left up to your interpretation. In this case, the word "evil" is an adjective that is not fact, but an opinion, as odd as that sounds. You are not supposed to guess or infer or know what the opinion of ...

Answered: Sone where in your heart

My mother loved Frank Sinatra and we grew up with Frank singing, "Strangers in the night..." My mom loved "blue eyes," and on many a Sunday afternoon we would watch a Frank Sinatra movie on channel 5. A short clip that will take you back in time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v7QfCxuvLo ...
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What genre frank sinatra music?

Frank sinatra is hard to pin point to one genre of music.. I would guess that he sang BLUES mostly, and romantic ballads. His jazzy song was NEW YORK,NEW YORK! He was the best pop singer of his era and will always be missed but no one can copy his style. FLO

Where can I sell Sinatra?

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In what movie was frank sinatra's song

It was filmed, but not for a movie. The song was used to frame a CBS news feature about Sinatra's 50th birthday.