where did dominican republic originate???

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Answered: What is the best month to go to dominican republic?

The typical Dominican also has a large extended family, often with close ties. The strong cultural heritage is so marvelous that you will not be able to forget it easily. It will capture you completely. If you are about to visit the island get ready to be enchanted by the beautiful people who make ...

Answered: Haiti map and dominican republic

There are many other interesting things about the Dominican Republic . You will see many new and interesting things when you visit the country. If you take a look at the culture, you will learn that Dominicans are a very proud people.

Answered: Witch type of electrical adaptor do i need for the dominican republic

This web site answers all of your questions regarding electrical standards in the Dominican Republic. You will find other useful information as well.

Answered: Im a filipino citizen, im planning to travel to dominican republic as a

im a filipino citizen i would like to work in bahrain or travel to bahrain what should i do first?
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Travelling to Dominican Republic

You are required to have a visa for your visit. For more information go to this web site. http://www.thedominicanrepublic.net/EmbassyGuide.html

Will the sea be hotter the north or south of the dominican rep? and which

Read this web site about honeymoons in the Dominican Republican. It will answer many of your questions. http://www.weddingsday.co.uk/destinations_dominicanrepublic/

My girl friend is from the Dominican Republic, is she required to have a

Hi Stuart This really depends on the country she is transiting through. Some countries do require transit visas. It is best to look at the website of the embassy of the country she is transiting through and that should tell you, or check with your travel agent. I hope that helps.