where can one pick up a 1040 tax booklet?

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Answered: Taxes: File early or last-minute?

Of course early filing of taxes is preferable. Extension is only the last resort when you are short of funds and unable to pay taxes on time.

Answered: Why is the 1040 Tax Form impossible to find this year?

The IRS and most states no longer print forms. Even as preparers, we used to be able to get a book of forms every year, but they stopped printing it a couple of years ago. They used to send a master book to post offices and most libraries, but it is my understanding that they're not doing that any ...

Answered: Where to get tax forms and booklets

You can get forms at an IRS office, but these days probably not at the library or post office. You can download forms and publications from irs.gov. You can order forms and publications at 1-800-829-1040. You can buy tax software that includes the forms and publications.

Answered: What is excise tax and regressive tax?

Excise is an example of a regressive tax along with such taxes as payroll tax. They are considered regressive as they are usualy levied upon a business and they have the characteristic of not contributing to the growth or development of that business. more info : https://www.onlinefiletaxes.com/

Answered: Does the Bank Have to Pay Delinquent Property Taxes?

Banks sometimes get into hassles with insurers and escrow agents. That is the risk with ANY mortgage. The ideal solution is to pay the overdue tax, then inform the escrow agent about your payment and demand a credit.

Answered: Where can i find a 1040A tax booklet in the dayton, ohio area?

You can download the 1040A booklet and 1040A Instructions from irs.gov, or visit the IRS in Dayton at 200 W. Second Street, or order forms by phone at 1-800-829-1040
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You can take the foreign tax credit on line 44 if you paid any taxes to another country. This is most common for investors who have international mutual funds. The amount of foreign tax paid on these investments is reported on the 1099-DIV you got from your investment manager. Foreign taxes of $300 ...

How does IRS find out if you don't have to fill out a 1040

If they receive copies of W-2 and 1099 forms that don't add up to much, then they expect you don't need to fill out a tax return. If your wages plus your Social Security plus interest and dividends are over $11,200 then you probably have to file, even if you are over 65. If you are under 65 and ...

Tax on sale of non-primary residence

Not per se. It is however part of the closing costs and therefore can be deducted as part of the expense of sale on the Schedule D.

Has anybody used RepublicTax.com to prepare their taxes? I would like to

They suck. I had problems navigating through their site. The instructions were not clear. I tried electronic filing. The 1040 was accepted but the state return would not take,even though it claimed to do state returns for GA. I had to end up doing the state on another site which cost me time and ...