where can i sell vinyl record albums in greensboro, nc?

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Answered: First pressed vinyl lp records

Firstly, define what it is you mean by first pressed. Do you mean is this a first pressing? As opposed to further pressings when the first run sells out? I don't know how, precisely, so I'm only guessing. But if you look at most vinyl LPs, on the blank area just outside the label, you should find ...

Answered: Where in coral springs florida can i sell my vinyl albums

Hi Kenn - If you would consider listing the albums in an email by artist & title, I would be interested in seeing what you have, & making you an offer. Please email me back at m o n t h r e e @ a o l . c o m (spaced to keep it from being deleted!) Thanks very much. -pete-

Answered: I would like to sell my 45 records, some Jazz ...

Hi Steve - I would be interested in buying the 45's that you are selling for a reasonable price. Or possibly trading for something that you might be looking for, such as coins. Let me know how many you have, their condition, if they have sleeves, & maybe a couple of artists & song titles would be ...

Answered: Who knows about rare records vinyl 60's

Let's not worry for the moment who the artists are...I'm guessing these are 331/3 LP's ?. As an avid music collector, I've retained thousands of 78's, 45's, and LP's. In the record collecting market, condition is priority. The grading system is very complicated and varies from dealer to collectors ...

Answered: I searched for an image of a record album for ike and tina turner (ooh

Record companies, particularly in the 1960s, would release records under a variety of labels. (Example - An Elvis Presley album might first be released on RCA and later re-released on Camden records) Usually the cover would change. This happened for re-releases and distribution in foriegn markets ...
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Do you know where I might locate a vinyl record of this album? Thank You!

What does a punch hole mean on a 45 record label?

45 RPM 'single' 7" records that were left unsold at the distributor were often 'drilled' or 'punched' thru the label area, indicating they were 'overstocks' or 'remainders' - their prices were then often deeply discounted, sometimes to only 10c each - these records usually sell for a fraction of ...

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