where can i sell my old costume jewelry on long island ny?

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Answered: Where can I get vintage costume jewelry appraised?

check my profile and check our store to see if you can get it

Answered: Where is the best place to sell jewelry on long island, ny for cash?

Try posting your jewelry for sale on craigslist New York (craigslist.org).

Answered: Costume jewelry dealer NY I am hoping to find ...

You might try searching www.insiderpages.com. Good luck!

Answered: Cheap Gold Costume Jewelry

Now the trend is of the chamilia jewellery not a gold customization..!! Now people are turning their mind towards the chamilia and prefer to choose. As per my opinion you need to go for the Expression Gallery shop...!!!

Answered: Restoring finish old jewelry

Hello: You should bring into a fine jeweler in your area who can best advise about polishing removing scratches etc...What material is the jewelry gold, platinum, sterling all this is important for giving you best information...
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