Where can I rent behind the candelabra?

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Answered: Rent a room

Start by visiting the many usefulrental sites on the Web. Your best bet is to compare rates, amenities, views and conditions before entering into a rental agreement. Source(s): http://diylandlording.com/

Answered: Renting room with dog in house

Haven't found an answer yet

Answered: Renting a house vs staying in a hotel

i depends on how long your vacation would be. If it'll last for a week or two, house renting is much cheaper and reasonable. While if is is only for a day or three, hotel is good.

Answered: Which website will help me get a room for rent in singapore?

Hello I will suggest you to search it on Google to get the many result. You need to select right keywords related to your search. Hope this will useful for you.

Answered: The house that I rent my apartment in got sold 3 ...

you might loose it. it all depends on what type of deal was made. start packing your bags

Answered: Wanted to rent under section 8 house on Lehland ...

Carroll, anyone who has read your demented posts wouldn't rent you a doghouse. And by putting your phone number on this site you have opened yourself up to any number of perverts, con artists and weirdos. Maybe you'll meet a kindred spirit.
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Rules for Renting

This depends on whether you are officially the tenants' guarantor or not. The guarantor is a person who effectively backs the tenant, being responsible for the tenants rent and obligations under the tenancy agreement should the tenant default for any reason.

When in land contract how do you pay rent when moving out middle of the

In a land contract there is no rent. You are signing a promissory note like a bank. You maybe thinking of a lease with option, where you have a right to buy, not obligation. And you pay rent. If you have a land contract, and want to get out of it, see an attorney to protect your interests and ...

Rent a roadtrek in georgia

Dick Gore's RV World has a large selection of Roadtrek RVs in Florida and Georgia. As a Roadtrek RV Dealer we carry Class A and Class C Motorhomes in Jacksonville Florida and Richmond Hill Georgia. They also provide full RV Financing, RV Service, and RV Parts on all our RVs. Greencard Lottery

I want a car for rent for 2 weeks ?where i can rent a car in Alberta

The price will depend on the dates and times that you choose, the size car, the city/town you rent in and the company you choose. In order to find a company, I would suggest going to yellowpages.ca and doing a search for car rental for the city/town that you want to rent in. For money saving car ...