where Can I go to try a telikin?

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Answered: What e-mail does "Ask AOL" want from me? and How do I obtain a "Diabetes

Use your own email address for AOL Answers. Here's a web site for a downloadable Diabetes Self-Care Diary: http://www.lillydiabetes.com/documents/pdf/LD79617_Self%20Care%20Diary_10.9.12_FINAL_v1.pdf

Answered: Bummer. Your message failed. Try shortening it a bit.

Hi Tracy: So I can better assist you, can you tell us which version of AIM you are using? If you are using AIM from the AOL web site, you may clear your browser cache and cookies. For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Clear Cookies, Cache and History on Your Browser

Answered: What Factors of My Health Should I Take into Consideration When Trying to

Healthy diet and making sure you have enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. Fertility vitamins cam help increase your chances of getting pregnant. Another important aspect of getting pregnant is knowing your fertility cycle in order to target love making to those days when you are more fertile ...

Answered: I try to install but the file is RAR what can i do

I was in like situations some times and once I could solve like situation. Next software aided me at that time - rar fixer . I discovered it on an one soft forum. The tool settled my issues within minutes, try it. Perhaps it will be the good decision.

Answered: Should I be concerned with cramping during ovulation?

Hi Megen, No. It's normal. Happens to many women. If it's very painful, definitely check with your doctor - & if possible, have her/him send you for an ultrasound to see if they can figure out what's causing the pain. Good luck! Rachel Inbar www.FertilityStories.com

Answered: Trying to Conceive

Your chances are still high, but you may have do do a few things to increase your fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally. I would recommend learning more about fertility vitamins and minerals for both man and women.
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Im not a professional and know little about this but if you go to Thenest.com you can find tons of articles that will teach you everything you need to know about how to become pregnant. Good Luck!

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They just did not take we had 3 follies and 27 million sperm and we did not get pregnant but then the following month tried on our own and forgot about the whole thing and my due date is now July 25th we are pregnant as of November 18th tested POSITIVE......WOW. We used pre-seed to help,you can buy ...