where can i get Minoxidil 15% mopc world?

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Answered: Iam a woman 53 years old using minoxidil 2% for more than 2 years.may I

I would suggest contacting your doctor about increasing the concentration of the Minoxidil. Increasing the dosage can cause side-effects such as a fall in blood pressure, an increase in heart rate, and weight gain (fluid retention). So consult your doctor before changing anything.

Answered: What are the ingredients in minoxidil? Does it contain estrogen?

Minoxidil - http://worldselectshop.com/?id=kulakgm Good price and quality.

Answered: Is Minoxidil safe for women who has or had cancer?

Yes. Although the pattern of hair loss in women is different from that in men, they, too, suffer from androgenic alopecia. The hormone, dihydrotestosterone, causes hair loss in both men and women. Women can use minoxidil. Extra Strength Rogaine for Men (5% minoxidil) has not been fully tested on ...
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