where can i get a free thanksgiving food basket in erie,pa for the needy?

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Answered: Where to sign up for Thanksgiving baskets for the poor in Rockford Il?

Do you wish to contribute or do you want to get your hands on one?

Answered: Free Samples for Baby Gift Baskets

I dont think that free samples is a good idea, a bit impersonal I guess. Mike - check out some stuff here http://theperfecttoys.com/

Answered: What are some ideas for items to put in a food ...

If it's a family.....Choc candy, fruits, nuts,, peanut butter, box crackers, can tuna, potted meat...Can goods and hand held can opener...2 box of cereal, and 3 of the new liquid milk that is a qt. Size containers on shelves..Not powder....All this is also hurricain food.......Enjoy you might want ...

Answered: Erie,pa city parks history question

You can find a lot of current information in this blog: http://www.erieblogs.com/ I couldn't get the exact date, but I didn't look throughout the site either.

Answered: Define a needy

Needy in my personal senses being 66 yrs old, loosing my ex-wife Aug. 4th and my son being killed while at Ft. Lewis, WA. I have then had a stroke and live in a mobile home that needs repair and modifications for me to ambulate and shower and roof repair. I have no stove 2 small dogs and no heat ...

Answered: Is there a place in clarksville tn that has free firewood to get?

ROCMIKE FORGOT TO POST HIS CARTOONS AGAIN BUT HE DID SPEND HOURS PUTTING LETTERS UNDER POSTS TO GO ALONG WITH HIS PORN.--------------------------------------------------------------------He has spent another long lonely day and night of doing nothing but posting. He has posted under Zhorevs A., the ...
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Where to get thanksgiving food to cook for 2 poor people

Just go help the people who do this. If you ran a free kitchen you would know how it's done.

What to serve a vegan for thanksgiving?

A salad and the green beabean cassreole. And then don't invite them next year. They ruin everything.

Which Thanksgiving recipe you will never try?

AOL: In case you didn't know....Thanksgiving has past. Duh....

Thanksgiving recipes?!?!

Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey Ingredients 2 tablespoons dried parsley 2 tablespoons ground dried rosemary 2 tablespoons rubbed dried sage 2 tablespoons dried thyme leaves 1 tablespoon lemon pepper 1 tablespoon salt 1 (15 pound) whole turkey, neck and giblets removed 2 stalks celery ...