where can I find Sport-about blue jeans?

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Answered: Where is citadel sports bar in killeen?

It's off of W Trimmer. Go down Trimmer pass E Stan Schlueter Loop, stay on Trimmer and it will be on your right next to the Star Mart, which is maybe half a mile down.

Answered: Two dead blue jays found in backyard

Dead birds could have West Nile virus. Your county vector control might be interested.

Answered: How many photos were submitted to Sports Illustrated for the August

if you need shirts,please visit uksportingkits.co.uk

Answered: LaundrytipsI bought some bule jeans and everytime I wear them the blue

Here's your answer to fading dyes. Check out this site: http://www.ehow.com/how_2068286_set-dye.html A year too late? Sorry but this works, I tried it. MB

Answered: From a legal aspect is target shooting considered a hobby or sport

Why would there be a "legal aspect" ? Hobbies and sports are both quite legal. What exactly are you getting at?

Answered: Is there a separate division of charity in sports and why?

At some places charity is the backbone of keeping the sports culture alive. You can read more about charity in sports here http://www.researchomatic.com/Charity-In-Sports-124532.html
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What are the blue lines made of?

Yes blue lines exist to provide depth perception to the racers. Blue is the preferred color because it pops and provide better visual than red.


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How to tell if j.lindeberg jeans are mens or womens

Gail, If you buy them in the mens department, they are mens. If you buy them in the womens department, they are womens. You can usually tell just by looking at them. Womens jeans will have slightly more rounded hips then men's jean. Sparky's Mom