where can I find a AC Delco truck battery model 78-6yr?

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Answered: AC repair Spring TX


Answered: Running on Battery or AC adapter

When you plug in the AC adater, then you laptop runs on the adapter; and also it will charge the battery if it is not at its full capaticy.

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Are you saying they have an unlisted phone number and you can't just call and ask them for the number of HR? I find that hard to believe. I think you're just lazy.

Answered: 50th Anniversary clock

Without a manufacturer name and model, we can't look up the instructions. If you have a clock shop in town, they can probably fix it in two minutes. Or maybe a teenager can figure it out for you.
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How much is an ac delco professional battery?

There are dozens for different applications, boats, vehicles, etc. Phone your battery store with power output, size, connector position and they will give you a price.