where can I buy chew man chew gum?

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Answered: Chewing gum remover homemade

Definetly the peanut butter. I have used pb on all sorts of gummy surfaces. Asphalt should be a new exoerience, be innovative. Apply with mason's trowel, kitchen spatula or whatever scrape off the mixture with sharp hoe or equivalent.

Answered: Where can I find spongebob pineapple chewing gum?

Yes we have Walgreen's, but no luck....thanks!

Answered: How can i remove chewing gum from glass

I had asked how to remove gum from glass (and I had asked everyone around). No one seemed to have the answer. But when I took my car into the dealership for routine maintenance I asked the service manager the "QUESTION" It was so simple it almost scared me. He took rubbing alcohol on a paper ...

Answered: Chewing gum and chewing a tire

chewing gum is bad it, overworks the facial muscles for one and then it fools the stomach into thinking that food is coming so the pH changes to accomodate the food which never arrives. This pH change can be harmful to the stomach and cause ulcers. Unnecessary chewing is also bad for fillings, it ...

Answered: Does gum expire?

Gum doesn't expire, but it does get pretty hard.

Answered: Can I chew gum instead of eating?

Starving yourself to lose weight? oh no...I tried that one, but what happens is that when I let myself eat again I just can't resist overeating. Not a good habit. So I'm trying out diet pills now, anyway the diet pills I'm checking out offers free trial, so I tried it.
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