where are waste dumps near me?

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Answered: Looking to buy dumps

Hi everyone. Please stop falling for the scams on sites like this and others all over the web. No one is going to sell dumps with pins. NO ONE! It doesn't make any sense. If you have the balls to install a skimmer, then you have the balls to retrieve the funds. Period. I sell skimmers and other ...

Answered: Christian fellowship near 46219

Heathen said: "If you are asking if I believe that the AV 1611 translation of the Bible is the God inspired, accurate translation of God's Word, then, no. I have some background in the study that has convinced me that translators made mistakes....but certainly God did not." Then you aren't a ...

Answered: What can you be charged with for dumping raw sewage

SLet's see! First, there is illegal dumping. Second, dumping environmentally hazardous waste! The second one can REALLY get you in trouble, depending on where you are dumping, ie, what town, county, or state. Jody

Answered: Dump

That would depend on where you live
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(352) 540-3810 City of Brooksville (ask for public works dept) (863) 834-8773 Lakeland Solid Wase Wasn't exactly sure what you needed from your question. Call us if you need any help with water damage or sewer damage questions 1 800 DRY ME OUT

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yes same happened with me 6 months back

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hello man, i am called bill swany from the us and i recieved your post on yedda.i will like to deal with a regular and long time buyer for fresh dumps with pins. contact me as some as you come online. bill.kayford@yahoo.com