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Answered: What does it mean when the floor around tour toilet caves in

If you are in an older home and built on a crawl space the floor joists may be rotting from moisture, so you have lost stability. The other answer from PGroot is also a possibility.

Answered: Caves in the Ozarks

I know where there is 4 or 5 good caves about 14 miles out side of Lebanon Mo. No one has been in these, There are a lot of bones down in the caves. If you want to talk, My phone number is 309-647-1444. I live in IL., NOW. G. W. Rosson

Answered: What would 100,000 sto tysiecy zlotych be worth in US dollars?

Hi, I believe you asked how many USS Dollars are 100,000 Polish Zloty. The answer is 44,847 US$. This site will enable you to convert any currency to any other currency (very helpfull). Best regards,
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Where is oregon caves np located?

Oregon Caves National Monument is in southwest Oregon, southwest of Grants Pass to Cave Junction, then east.

How do I get information on letting people know of ...

I guess the next step would be to write to the U.S. Geological Survey. They have a website: I don't have a clue what the procedure would be for reporting new geological information, so you should probably just write them via the "contact us" link and ask.

What forms when limestone is dissolved leaving caves and sink holes?

Limestone CaCO3 reacts with acid H2CO3 to produce Ca(HCO3)2, calcium bicarbonate, which is soluble in water. When dried it produces H2O and CO2 and CaCO3, which may become a stalagmite.