Where are the gay cruising spots in md?

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Answered: Gay cruise spots in hercules

check out the gay cruising guide , and make sure to let us know if you find any good spots, too!

Answered: Any good places to meet gay men in the benson arizona area

take a look through the gay cruising guide , and let us know if you find any great spots, too!

Answered: Seeking a Gay or Gay Friendly MD in Dutchess County, NY

I have called all over and no one seems to know of one. So, I am hoping that someone who uses Yedda actually knows of one. Thanks for your answer though.

Answered: Chengdu gay massage ?

Rocmike, is it working? Does posting 24/7 stop you from preforming your gay sex?

Answered: Caribbean Cruise

If you bring the charger, you can plug it in. Cruise ships provide power outlets. If you mean what will the charges be for use on board, you need to talk to your phone provider and the cruise line. Whether you can use it on shore may depend on what type of phone you have.

Answered: Gay cruise areas panama city,panama

why a gay cruise? why not any cruise?
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I have never understood why a gay man would want to give a straight guy a blow job. I mean, there's no reciprocation, no nothing. Where's the joy in that?

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Not only are you confused about what question you're asking but you also don't know how to spell COLLEGE.