where are the bomb shelters in tucson?

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Answered: What country has the best nuclear bomb

Youngblood, my colleagues and I currently dismantle some of the most horrifying weapons that were ever made. Most originated in the Soviet Union. Most of the Soviet weapons we have under the most stringent guard in America are naval artillery shells. You would probably not believe the yeild of ...

Answered: What's your opinion about President Obama's Tucson speech?

Beginning to wounder if he and Jerome are related..heard him today, he talked, nothing came out of his mouth that made any sense.. Sweet G

Answered: How many shelters are there in brooklyn NY for people?

Check out New York's Department of Homeless Services to find the shelters in the Brooklyn area.

Answered: Help im homeless looking for a shelter?

Here is a list of Bellevue area shelters. Some are obviously women-only, others you may need to call for details. Good luck to you. Central Area Motivation Program; (206) 812-4952 7.00 miles from city center Bellevue 722 18th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122 Seattle Indian Center; (206) 329-8700 7.37 ...
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Where did the fallout shelter sign come from?

Where Did The Iconic Fallout Shelter Symbol Come From? Kwame Opam —CONELRAD recently posted a great piece that explores the origin of the famous fallout shelter sign that appeared across the country at the height of the Cold War. Worn and rusted, you can still see some of them today as ...

Emergency Shelters In Boston

I am sorry for them. They would be welcomed in my house tonight but I am in NC. Here's a list: http://www.searchboston.com/dir/Community/Shelters/

Can sports help after the Tucson shootings?

The sports I did learn there were, things geared toward keeping Military Brats happy, Climbing Ropes, Maneuvers, all that good stuff a young lady should know.. Sweet G