Where are the 2114 Winter Olympics?

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Answered: Winter Olympics

I watched Men's Ice Hockey! The USA team may not have won the gold, but they played their hearts out, and I'm so proud of them.

Answered: Who should host the 2018 Winter Olympics?

South Korea sounds good.. What about Munich? Sweet G

Answered: International olympics

Norway is correct. The population of Norway is now 5 million.

Answered: Are the Olympics a gay event? There's too much interest in figure skating

Figure skating is very pretty. The ladies in this event are dedicated and very passionate about their art, as are couples and single men. But: Leftists hate men so much that if men take part in even the smallest way, leftists condemn it horrendously. Therefore: Leftists have no sense of art or ...

Answered: Olympic Highlights

It would have been amazing for the USA to win the gold in hockey but both the men and women's teams played really well. I'm really proud of them! Go America!

Answered: Will you be watching the Winter Olympics?

yes i don't like football so i'll be watching the olympics.
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How many medals did UK win in olympics

third most medal with a total of 65, behind on the US and china

What date london olympics rings removed bridge

The Olympic rings removed a bridge? Huh? Does anyone here know how to speak English and ask a question that makes sense????????????????

Shouldn't there be another Winter Olympics Event??

There would be no competition, as you would win all three events, phony Granny J Rockhound.

Big Buckles For My Winter Fashion Wardrobe

don't care about 80's just full fill your desire thank you