where are savoritz crackers made?

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Answered: Are savoritz crackers available to me on line?

I am unaware the Aldi's sell on line.

Answered: Cracker to save starving people

So, it's starting already. Soylent Green.

Answered: Medford Crackers Website?

They are distributed by: H. L. Benndorf Corp, Medford, N J 08055 1-800-257-6174, Ext 225. Call and give them your zip code and they will tell you where to buy them in your area.

Answered: Anyone know

I believe that publix has them... have you tried there?

Answered: Nabiscocrackers.com How do i get the one time only Access Code for win

on the bottom inside flap nabisco honey graham crackers

Answered: Favorite cracker topping

S'mores ! Okay, it's not that healthy but it is my favorite.
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Where does Starbucks get their nine grain crackers?

Deb, have been wondering the same thing for a while and found your question on a search! quick call to the Bux and they said the cracker brand is "proprietary information". how rude!! some more searching, and found a false lead when someone called them "Ak-maks". well, these are decidedly ...

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Put them in a low oven (as in temperature, not the one in the basement) for ten minutes or so.

I have alot of pecans and i would like to know if there is someone who

just a small tip.. you may want to be a little more specific as to the area you're looking for your nut cracker or you wont recieve an answer... good luck and go nuts:))