where are prince william and kate spending the new year 2013?

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Answered: Wedding on TV

I'm definitely!!!!! not watching the wedding!, as tomorrow is my birthday! By the way Diane Sawyer just interrupted the TV show at 11:55 pm to say William and Kate are skipping the royal wedding to get married in the Las Vegas little chapel. No kidding!

Answered: Kate Middleton: The Modern Princess Diana?

Yeeesh! The idea of her being a virgin is ridiculous on so, so many levels. But first off, let me point out that Diana was BARELY 20 when she wed. Kate is 28! It's ridiculous to assume that she should have waited that long, or at all!

Answered: Who will design Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress?

I agree with Lady Darko, who the hell cares. Are people that bored they have nothing else to worry about. I don't care if the Muppets design her dress, if it cost over a few hundred dollars it's a big waste of money! If she's that thin and attractive, she should be able to make a paper sack look ...

Answered: Does Kate have a job?

Frolic in Buckingham Palace..What else?

Answered: Prince William and Kate Middletown

They will get married today... How exciting!! :D

Answered: Will Prince William propose this year?

yeah he should get it over with, at least hes not the one without a girl friend
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Do you like Wills's new beard

I think he has shaved it off now, perhaps Kate found it too prickly.

Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring

I love the ring, but as a dinner ring, not necessarily as an engagement ring. But it has great sentimental value to William, so I'm sure Kate will wear it proudly. Kate seems to be such a sensible down to earth girl that I'm sure she never hesitated to except the ring or balked about not having a ...

Is Kate's mum right to worry?

Prince William has to finish his search and rescue pilots training, i am sure once he has done that, he will focus on settling down and starting a family with Kate.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

because he has fucked her sooo much..and now he is bore and want new package