where are loretta lynn siblings?

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Answered: Can someone PLEASE inform me if Loretta Lynn is still alive? I have

To my knowledge she is still alive. I know how to find out and I will. Yet I am sorry but she is older now and she just may not be recording. If you go under Loretta Lynns site? It has all of her music and you can see in Cole minors daughter she is older..It even tells when she did the last song ...

Answered: Is loretta lynn still alive?

Watch CMA tonight on CBS(11-10-02,they r going to have atrebuite to her.

Answered: Sibling relationship question

I am absolutely appalled at the responses you have received that have been posted. It is with that in mind (only seeing three posted responses) that I write this one. All seem to say to cut loose your family. Family ties are a powerful force in our lives. The shared heritage and experiences (of ...

Answered: How do we introduce the idea of a sibling to a 2 ...

I find this question odd. I know that a child that age can be upset by a new baby but in all honestly I think its a new idea in parenting, that it should be an issue. After all, in the old days, they didn't worry about this. They simple brought the new baby home. Possibly the older kids knew (from ...

Answered: Is sissy spacek loretta lynn daughter?

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080549/ Coal Miner's Daughter (1980 ) Sissy Spacek ... Loretta Lynn

Answered: Searching for siblings we are Fred Adkersons aka the bailbondsmen of

You might try searching on www.zabasearch.com for other siblings. Good luck!
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