where are klutch hand tools made?

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Answered: Who sells a clutch removal tool for a 1994 jigster 1100 cc

The Slow-Zuki GSXR 1100 has a weird clutch: it runs in an oil bath and has a hydraulic cylinder that actuates it. The problem ain't getting the clutch out. The problem is bleeding the system once you put it back together. You can't bleed it like you bleed brakes: the springs on the clutch let ...

Answered: Ridgid tools 18 volt flashlight how do you change the bulb

UNscrew it. Or push down and twist to have it pop out. One or the other should work.

Answered: What is a hand tool called a fro?

A fro is a hand tool used to split or cleave wood (generally green, but not necessarily).It consists of a wedge shaped metal (iron and/or steel) about 12 to 18 inches lond and 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches wide. An "eye is forged into the metal at one end. A wooden handle is forced into the eye. Now you ...

Answered: Is there a warranty for the Hand Tools?

The warranty will be voided if you have not handled your tool correctly.

Answered: My tool bar has moved to the top of my page. I would like it to be on the

Find an empty place on the Taskbar and hold down on the left click and swing it in a 90 degree arch to the side. Than do it again to the bottom. As I said and empty place to move the Taskbar.

Answered: Looking for infomation on Stanley No. 711 breast hand drill. I cannot

Check with Wes at toolauctionsunlimited (wes@toolauctionsunlimited.com ) and see if he can help you.
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