where are easter egg hunts in kokomo, in 4/23/11?

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Answered: Easter egg leftovers

Easter eggs are better only for decoration no so for eating. When for eating than only for preparation of variouse delicatese (muffins, kakes, chocolate or pudings) as proportional aditivum for deserts.

Answered: Decorating eggs - how?

Try to learn the Ukrainian style of making them, you have to start know on the process..a work of art, easier to buy them. Husband that passed away knew the art.. Sweet G 5/14/11 #1

Answered: What are you putting in your kids Easter basket ...

variety colored condoms are nice, if they are 10 or older and some colored eggs and some nuts.

Answered: What Does A Rabbit Carrying Eggs And Easter ...

Eggs and bunnies are symbols of spring and new life and have been since ancient times. The word Easter is taken from the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn, named Easter. It is said that rabbits pulled her chariot across the sky. The first writings about an Easter Bunny are from Germany in the 1600's ...

Answered: Rodparsley I was watching the broadcast and would ...

It doesn't make any sense. Parsley must be smoking parsley.

Answered: Scratched easter eggs

Hi Doreen, My daughter makes beautiful scratched eggs. Let us know what you are interested in. We can send picture, if you like. We live in Pennsylvania. This is an old European folk art. Our email address is luschas@pa.metrocast.net Regards, Elaine Luschas
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Easter eggs

Place fresh eggs in cold tap water, bring to a full boil for app 4 minutes, cover and let them cool for app 10 minutes. then rinse in cold tap water. Results are usually 10 out of 12 or better.

DVD Easter Eggs

Oh yeah that's a good one.That's actually the first one I found and it was completely by accident.Since then I've been obsessed lol. Thanks for the link!I'll def. check it out!Happy Holidays!

Easter symbols... what do they mean?

It is an ancient pagan fertility festival to the "goddess" Asthar/Ishtar/Asoroth/Eastre. They would sacrifice a bunny to her (which is why we eat chocolate rabbits). It is sick and has nothing to do with the resurection of Yahoshua.

I have a box of 25 smaller boxes of Antique Easter ...

If by Gibson you mean Gibson Girls, related collectibles are fairly popular. But an expert needs to look at them to date and identify them.