where does michael oher live now?

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Answered: Is Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of Michael Jackson's death?

I would say Dr. Conrad is guilty in some way because in some way, he acted negligently. I would affirm to him being sent to prison because this was a chain involving many people.

Answered: I own michael jacksons lp.s from motown records

I agree. I never ask "What is the question?" and if I guess I deliberately guess wrong. People should know to ask a clear question without making us guess.

Answered: Is this Michael kors handbags original?

This is official michael kors christmas deals : http://www.michaelblackfridaysale.com ,after black firday and cyber monday ,michael kors christmas deals help you save more money.

Answered: What Do You Think of Michael Phelps?

My opinion is Michael Phelps is amazing ahletes. Read this book:Beneath the Surface . The book offers the incredible journey of Michael Phelps from childhood swimming to the 2004 Olympics. Michael Phelps shares important aspects of his life and is very interesting to see what this kid has overcome ...

Answered: Michael Jackson Movie?

Its really nice movie by Michael Jackson so i prefer you to Download movies from here moviewatchlist.com

Answered: Michael jackson

Are you guys out of your head???? He was suffered from skin disease that's why he had no other choice than be just white to hide the white marks those were coming on his face....
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Michael jacksons brothers and sisters

three sister: -janet jackson -rebbie jackson -latoya jackson four brothers: -jermaine jackson -torantio jackson -marlon jakcosn and marlons unborn twin brother

Why were Michael Jacksons lungs inflamed

Just a guess, but it's possible he was using an oxygen mask while he slept. Over use of pure oxygen inflames the throat and lungs.

Michael Phelps

yea... he's sexy. what you got to say about him?